Thursday, May 31, 2007

Yarn Harlot!

Many of you may not know, because it's not something I bring up on here often, but I knit. I love to knit. I am currently embroiled in an insane tribute to knitting known as the 52 Pair Plunge where I and 90-some-odd other knitters try to knit a pair a week for 52 weeks (yeah, I know...I didn't think it all out before I pushed the send button on the sign-up e-mail...) So, when the call came many weeks ago to sign up to see the Yarn Harlot speak in Northampton, I jumped in with both feet.

It was amazing! I was awestruck by the theater filled to overflowing with something over 600 folks, all knitting. And we all were entertained by Ms. Pearl-McPhee (of course) and she inspired us to "come out" as knitters, and to love our stash, so here it is.

I knit.

I own lots of yarn, known to us knitters as "stash".

I also own sheep, which I consider simply an extension of stash, known as "yarn on the hoof".

And I now own a signed copy of Stephanie's latest book:

And Allison and I even brought her a skein of our yarn to add to her stash. I couldn't tell if she was more impressed with the dedicated colorway, or the fact that we printed the label with the yardage in meters. (That should really be "meterage", shouldn't it?)
Now, if only sheep and chickens could read, they'd understand where Mommy was last night until VERY late....


Lauren said...

Yarn on the Hoof! I LOVE it! Why didn't I think of it first?!

And a pair a week? Are you a picker or a thrower? Being a thrower myself despite many attempts at executing the knit stitch the other way, I am slow. Well, I am slow, period. Good luck with that for-me impossible task.

Finally, I am glad you got to see the Harlot. Someday I will drive the miles to get some face time and signage from our modern day mentor.

Knit On!

melanie said...

Well, I really had to think about that one...not being able to actually picture what a "picker" looks like, I found enough references to holding the yarn in my right hand etc., etc. to figure out I am a thrower.

Can't really say if I am fast or slow, it seems to depend on the project.

Feel free to co-opt the phrase...

Kathy L. said...

Picker or Thrower...I am in awe of both you and Lauren for all the knitting you're both doing! I have the stash, but at 55 am just learning to knit. Maybe someday I will be able to knit well enough to keep up with you, Melanie! :)

And I, too, love the "Yarn on the Hoof" terminology! At least we don't have to send the Stashes to college or feed them, eh? ;-)

melanie said...

Yes Kathy, but you both can spin, which I sadly am trying to learn. Now THAT is something I really want to learn to do...too bad you guys are all the way across the country, or we could trade...I could teach you to knit, no problem!

Elysbeth said...

You are so lucky! The Harlot. Sigh.