Saturday, March 08, 2008

Gracious Thank You!

I was nominated for something very nice.  By a very nice person I met through blogging.  And it may look to her like I've ignored the nod, but really I haven't. It's just I am struggling to try and figure out this new technology...
It means that Kathy reads the blog, and finds it inspiring and thoughtful and positive and she's ready to say so!
What a compliment!  I started blogging out of curiosity with the medium, and stuck with it because of the connections I made around the world, and I feel dedicated to it as a way of sharing important ideas and events.  So part of this nomination is to share with you other blogs I feel are inspiring and thoughtful and positive.  That would be a constantly growing list, as I love to link and read and follow all sorts of cybertrails...but kudos (to start) to these:
A Shepherd's Voice: this was my first "blog" I followed, and I continue to be impressed and heartened by Nancy's frank sharing of her ups and downs, and also treated to some of the best farm photography I have ever seen.  The fact that many of her photos feature Shetland Sheep, is well, a bonus.
Pretending to Farm: What fun to follow the life of another woman who loves this lifestyle as much as I do, and is determined to cram it into her little acreage and chaotic family no matter what.  (A kindred spirit...)  And a damn good writer, too...did I mention?
Sheep Thrills Farm:  Just when you (ignorantly) thought that the whole world was doing it just like discover someone who shakes up that notion every day.  She lives in Arizona (cacti, sand, heat and lizards, right???) and raises (what else?) Shetlands.  Nope.  She's got everything Upstate NY, except the maple syrup.
Boulderneigh: More than once Michelle and I have noticed the parallels in our lives, but let me tell you, she is the good twin.  She takes life with more grace and faith than I ever could.  And she can spin...wish she were East Coast so she could teach me!
Knitting &: I met Karin when she had a LYS in Albany, and her creativity and energy always inspire me.  Visit her blog and follow her soapbox moments, too, they're just as good as her knitting!

Now that's only 5; there's more, but I don't dare try too big a post with this new computer....yet.

There's an explanation...

For my substantial blog absence, that is.  First, there was company.  And the company brought a new I-Mac. (Note: I have been a PC gal for over a decade, and this object is COMPLETELY foreign to me)  And work just went crazy busy.  There's a lot I can share with you, but let me just try this one blog post with the new equipment, and we'll go forth from there...

The goats are freshening, and there are babies everywhere! These are some of the first, sharing a playpen. Now, Shetland enthusiasts, don't despair...I am not converting to goats, but without any lambs this year, I have to settle...
So, check this out. (Still fascinating, no matter how many times I get to see it, birth is simply amazing.) My Shetland girls always lambed in secret, robbing me of any fun. These goats are not nearly as shy, and by now I am just another "post in the barn", so to speak, so I had a front row seat.

(Note: DH and daughter thought these pictures were disgusting, and ran from the computer with a chorus of Eeewww! and Yech!)

Now, putting this post together has frazzled my patience, so you'll have to wait for further updates...and if anyone can tell me why this blasted cursor rockets off to the edge of the screen with no warning, I'd love to hear it.  That never happened with the PC...just saying...