Thursday, April 05, 2007

Parsley Perseverance

What a lesson I've learned from parsley. It is one of the hardest damned things to get started from seed... (Isn't that always the way of things?) but look!

That's last year's parsley - coming back! Frankly, we're not zoned for that, madam.

I took that picture yesterday. Here's a view today, from our front porch, looking down on the lower lot where the parsley perseveres:

Can't you see it? Right down there on the left, tucked in the corner of the fenced in area which is the main garden.
Honest. It WAS Spring yesterday. But if the parsely can persevere in this, so can we.


Karin said...

Chives. My chives come back in unexpected places. Quite hardy!
Hope that snow is gone by now?

Lauren said...

Okay young lady, I've been waiting for a new post from you for almost two weeks now. Where are you? Hanging out in the sugar shack making more of the best maple syrup I have ever had the opportunity to devour? (Yes, its gone, between me and the kids and the ooohs and aaahs, it's gone!) We thoroughly enjoyed it.