Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunny Sunday

What a gift! Two sunny, beautiful weekend days in a row! Well, you know what that means...

But before chores, there's time for some grazing on the front lawn. (The sheep, not Bill.) Bill is in charge of, what else? Skritches.

"Aaahhh" says Secret.

So there was brush burning, and repairing the firewood shelter, and the mandatory weekend trip to Home Depot for project supplies, and then more chores...

The most interesting chore on the list was goat shearing. The Pygoras needed their coats removed, and this was the day.

Here, Cicero models the new stanchion. (Built from plans in Hobby Farm Magazine) Once Clio realized there was grain involved, she joined in from the front.

Cicero was a pretty good boy, and we got most of the body fleece off in good order. I let the legs, neck and other fleece go, as it was beginning to felt, and I was just hoping to get enough good stuff for me to process, and to get the practice of shearing these guys.

Clio, wasn't bad, but she wasn't perfect either.

See, she has this strange habit of lying down anytime anyone comes near her with shears, clippers, trimmers, thermometers, needles, or medicine. Needless to say, it makes shearing her a challenge. (You should see what the poor girl looks like now!)

Me wonders....what will she be like to milk if we ever breed her? Will her udder be so swollen she wouldn't think of trying to lie down? One can only hope...


Lauren said...

It looks like you did a great job! I remember that stanchion from Hobby Farms and wanted David the Husband to build one but I guess it's down on the list for him. And you rototilled, too just like you said you would. I am impressed! Next thing you'll be posting photos of your own lovely veggies and mine will all be dead from the oppressive summer heat that is just around the bend.

Great job on everything!

Kathy L. said...

What a great stanchion! I have never heard of that magazine, so I'll have to check it out.

Anything to save on the back!

melanie said...

Hobby Farms is an AWESOME magazine...and now there's a Hobby Farms Home, too. I have back issues marked and filed by article subject - it's a great resource for projects, heirloom animals, organic farming, etc.

Shearing the Shetlands is due in a few weeks (with the new stanchion!)