Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Rituals

Regardless of the kind of summer one is having, there are just certain things that have to get done.  One of them is taking the best of the poultry to be tested for pullorem, prior to the county fair.  As those who free-range their birds like we do can attest, there's no fun like trying to catch and cage a dozen or more chickens who have no interest in going anywhere except back to their business of running the yard...I'll save you the details, just picture hot, dirty, sweaty, scratched, covered in feathers and a good deal of chicken poo (all before 8 a.m.)

Here we are, everyone loaded in the back of the Baja:
And then Barty decided to check everyone out...probably throwing in more than a few cracks about being locked up while he gets to stay home, etc. etc. (I'm guessing - I don't speak turkey):
All back home by 10 ish with bling...silver ankle bands...very stylish.

Next it was off to pick Blueberries at a local farm.  My "assistants" probably spent more time running through the rows or throwing drops at each other, but we still managed almost 20 pounds...and now time for jam!
Not a bad time, really.  But a little crazy considering we still have this staring us in the face at home:
But I just can't resist a PYO...


Susan said...

I am assuming that the picking was good? Sorry I missed the fun...maybe I should just wait and PYO at your farm!!

Mama Pea said...

Wow, your homegrown blueberry bushes look loaded! Ours are just now starting to show a ripe looking berry here and there. If all goes well, we should have a good harvest. And I will be PM(My)O out in the blazing sun and humidity. Ugh. What we don't go through as gardeners, eh?

Melodie said...

We PYO blueberries every year,I love it! You are so lucky to have your own too.Our farm sits on a small strip of black gumbo soil that won't grow a blueberry bush no matter what I try.But my neighbors a quarter mile away can grow them like crazy.