Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene prep bonus

Like everyone around us, we are doing a season's worth of tidying chores in a few hours, in anticipation of high winds and lots of rain. We decided it might be timely to deal with a pile of large, loose brush left over from the winter, lest it become airborne and hit something (or someone!) Look what we found!

In all my life, millipedes have never been longer than an inch, and no more than the diameter of pencil lead. This specimen was almost 4 inches!

P.S. Both my DH and I thought it was really cool - the Teenager thought it was disgusting, and only agreed to take the photo so I would go back outside and leave her alone...(sigh)


Sue said...

Now I have to side with the teenager on this one--yuck. But, they do perform a service in the yard, so okay. But really---yuck!

Alison Russell said...

I'm siding with you - I think it's cool! Fortunately my teenager is a boy, and would side with me in things buggy :)