Friday, October 16, 2009


My favorite catalog came in the mail yesterday. While I can't paint myself a true, radical, left-oriented person (I have those occasional flashes of conservatism) I can certainly enjoy most of what the catalog has to offer, and definitely enjoy having a laugh. (Wit is appealing, no matter your politics)

Each year, I prowl the pages looking for my "must have" t-shirt. This one was my first choice:
After a summer of trying to eat exclusively off the farm, struggling with the worst gardening season in recent memory, and actually having outright arguments with people who are convinced it is impossible to feed oneself without the heavy use of groceries and processed food, I liked this one.

But a close second was this:
I mean, it's been practically non-stop Wall Street greed, force-feeding of the "national health plan", and a bogus Peace Prize nomination just to touch on the highlights...but I was trying to remain positive and limit my spending.

That's over.

This is something everyone should know about. The government is fully involved in telling us what we can put in our mouths. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, what you put in your mouths, what you CHOOSE to consume, is now under the purview of Washington. Because, lord knows, you can't be trusted to recognize actual food when you see (or taste) it.

It was freaky when the Corn Refiners Association began stalking a flower farmer in Iowa who happens to make and promote salsa WITHOUT high-fructose corn syrup, it was frustrating that the government allows such rampant deception when it comes to food in our stores, but I have to tell you, it's FRIGHTENING when the government can step in, confiscate and destroy something already paid for through a private transaction, (purchased in the name of healthier living) and determine it is only fit for animal consumption. That's comforting.
Growing food, saving seeds, supporting organic agriculture, eating for health is becoming more of a radical act every day.

There's going to be a revolution in this country soon...and just remember:

It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark.


clink said...

First of all ... I NEED that t-shirt!!!

Secondly -- thank you!!! We need to take control of our food system big time. Personally -- I think the food system is key to health care reform...get the crap out of the food and maybe we can get health costs down and then insurance may really work?? (I know ... it's a pipe dream!)

I'm thinking outrage is good for the hormones. If I am hot all the time ... other people might as well feel the heat!!!

You go, girlfriend!!!

Christine said...

Don't. Even. Get. Me. Started!

I want that t-shirt. It's priceless.

Gail V said...

I LOVE Northern Sun Merchandising. I have a fantasy of selling their bumper stickers and Ts at a booth at my terribly conservative County Fair.
Their shop is on an East Lake St. block where I used to live in Minneapolis. . . but no more. Now we live west of there 45 miles and raise sheep. Thanks for a giggle, and a reminder to buy my family Northern Sun Gift certificates for Christmas, so they can pick out their own favorite T.

melanie said...

Clink- your thinking opens the line of discussion - when are we going to start 'prescribing" better food, because clearly in the case of goats milk, some people absolutely "need" it...Anyway, I am convinced our current food system is at the root of most of our health problems...

Christine-there may come the day when we all meet up, and we'll ALL be wearing that shirt - don't you just love it?

Gail - your vision is priceless. I have a few places I wouldn't mind STICKING their bumper's a risky business, though. I tried one on my conservative mother's car, and she didn't speak to me for a month!

Anonymous said...

Last year we did preserve and eat mainly from our farm. This year the weather was different and our crops not as plentiful.
We conserve and preserve always. It just is not enough anymore.
When they double your property tax, put an huge ugly metal power line right at your front door, I don't know how that increases your property value.
When your raise 3 calves for 6 months and they don't even bring as much as their feed cost, something is wrong. I didn't notice the price of meat down at the grocery store.

Yes, there is a lot that needs repair within the government, but who is listening?
You made some good points.
(sorry I didn't mean to rattle on)
Have a great weekend.

kristi said...

My mouth has been getting me into some "touchy" situations at school this week so I will be more "refined" in my comment. However, in my "opinion" growing one's own food is becoming more radical because it requires work; therefore for those of us who do work on the farm plus the other job are, we are creating a wedge in the overall all plan to be dependable on the govt. Oh, thats because we have a work ethic. Its much easier to just nod and go the easy but the easy way out is the way the govt likes it...its their way of pulling you in slowly and once you get that strangling feeling, its too late...they've got you. Shame is, is way too many people like that feeling.....oh those are the ones that failed Work Ethic 101. Hey I thought all educators were suppose to be died hard Democrats? LOL

Christy said...

That you for posting about this. The shirts are awesome. I think I know a few Christmas presents I'm going to be buying.

I am shocked by what we are allowed, no, encouraged to eat and what we aren't allowed to eat. Something is very backwards in this country!

Stephanie said...


I'd just like to tell you how much I admire the commitment you've made to sustainable agriculture and a sustainable life. Reading your blog remind me of one my best friends. I only see her about once a year or so, but when I do, she fills me with good foods and great stories of her life on the farm. Makes city life seems small in comparison. She also introduced me to something called peach there any chance you know someone who makes this or have a recipe?

City Steph

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

you're a gal after my own heart! Thank you. my workplace is supported through tax dollars, and you can't believe the waste. I stay outraged.

Texan said...

I have read the post you have linked a bit back, I was just shocked I tell you! and saddened as well...

and as for high fructose corn syrup, everytime I see those commercials on TV where the person refusing to eat it is made to look like a fool and then the other person spouts lies about it... my blood pressure goes up!! Its just one of many things in our foods that should not be!

I totally agree that our nutrition is at the root of most our health problems!

We too are hoping to grow more and more of our own food. Gardening in Texas heat is like... well its rough LOL... but we are learning more and more each year!

We have goats, chickens, ducks...I am hoping to learn to make Goat Cheese this next year~

Melodie said...

We are also trying to grow our own food ! We live in Texas too and gardening has been a challenge to say the least,but I am determined!I don't understand why more people are not angry about these issues.

Kathy said...

Priceless. And well said. So many people don't have any idea where their food comes from except the MegaMart. Clueless. I only wish I weren't so worn out and rumpled - I'd even have a cow. But then, who'd buy the milk from farms who do it right if not for people like moi? ;)

a solid "Good onya, mate" to you, Mel.

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts! It is very satisfying to work with and consume meat (lamb) and veggies produced on my own farm. And I love that catalog also!

Kathy said...

(I thought for sure I had posted a comment on this)(scratches head)

I was just stopping in to see if you were OK with all the weather we've heard about your way - although I know darned well Upstaters can handle most anything!

Take care and I hope all is well at your digs, Mel.