Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Usually this means cutting back, laying off, and generally not good news...but we have a new twist on that phrase -

We've gone small (er)!

Introducing our Coturnix quail:

Ivory - the daddy, and Topaz, the mommy.

And now we have
Babies! The laying flock is on its way...although it will be 4 weeks till this little guy is feathered, and a few weeks after that we shall see if it's a boy or girl (Coturnix quail start laying around 6 wks.) A second baby hatched soon afterwards - you can see it's relative size
Their eggs sell for gourmet cooking, sushi, bento boxes and just the fun of itty, bitty omelets. And they sell for the same price as a dozen of our free-range chicken eggs. So no one can say these guys are slackers - they'll pay for themselves!


Karin said...

OMG is that the cutest little chick or what! So fragile...but I do like those eggs! Thanks for the taste the other day.

Christine said...

OMG, how stinkin' cute is THAT?! It's so tiny.

Michelle said...

Why didn't I feel that one coming on, Twin? A total (and fun) surprise!

Nancy K. said...


Those little speckeled eggs are just adorable! Are you using an incubator? What kind?????

Inquiring minds want to know....

melanie said...

Just your basic $49 model from Agway...(it's all in the thermometers, anyway...)

Michelle- it was originally Madison's idea, I just saw the possibilities of them supporting themselves, so of course I had to go along!