Sunday, March 15, 2009

Psst..I write letters...

Something you should know.  I come from a family line of letter writers. (Not the friendly, correspondence between pen pals.)  I mean the ones to politicians and "responsible" folks who are supposed to get things done.

I never planned on taking up the pen.  In fact, I kind of poo-poo'ed the idea.  Until I became a farmer.  That's when I realized I needed to speak up.

But I go to bed wondering - who is listening?

Apparently, not the President.  Yeah, I've been writing to Barack.  Every day.  And I really shouldn't be on a first name basis, because, actually, he has never written back.

Not that I actually expected a response.  I'm not THAT loopy.  But some sort of response just to show me someone is actually opening the mail in Washington and not using it to fuel the White House furnace - would be nice.

I've sent somewhere in the neighborhood of 5o letters.  You'd think that many letters would at least earn me a computer-generated response.  A polite, milk toast form letter telling me about all the wonderful things Barack is doing for our country.

But he's not even listening.

Am I stopping?  Nope.  

It's not called "harderthanitlooks" for nothing.  But if you wanted to join in...why, who am I to stop you?  I'm thinking of doubling my efforts...


Anonymous said...

I agree, it can start with just a few people and if all of us write in, our voices can be a lot stronger than the companies and organizations that "buy" our policies. As far as I know it's still "one man (woman) one vote."

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Hey "twin," I'm a letter-writer, too. One of my representatives always gets my vote because he ALWAYS responds promptly to my correspondence.

BTW, come over to my blog to pick up an award that has no strings attached. You'll see why you're getting it.... :-)

Karin said...

What are we writing him about?

melanie said...

I often fume about the state of our country and his less than stellar attempts to fix it, but mostly I try to keep him informed of what is important to people in my corner of the world...small, organic farmers.

kristi said...

do you think that small farmers like us can get a "bale" out? I am running on battery cuz the AC adapt. died on the laptop that I got from a Federal Grant for Teaching American History....perhaps that is my way of saying that what started America, the farmer with a dream, needs to be heard because in my opinion, we/they are the true holders of what can save America. Materialism/istic ideals are killing America. Enough said, I'll shut up now:)

clink said...

Melanie -- I have written my Congressman, I have written my Senator who is chr. of the Senate Ag committee and I have written our former governor who is now Sec of Ag .... no response.

So now.... I have gone to the top. I have written first Lady Obama. We need to get her on our side.. she is very much in favor of local foods and organics.

Let me know if you get any responses.

milton f said...

Thanks for your vigilance, and for the motivation. I have written to my congressman-the shortest note ever. Rather than explaining myself, I wrote "No on HR875" and included a tea bag wrapper and signed my name. (I have been told it is a bad idea to send the actual tea bag, because it scares teh public servants as being a "foreign substance")

And, BTW, most of the plain-jane responses are just a waste our OUR money, so it is probably better that they don't respond in writing.

melanie said...

MIlton- I agree about the responses...I did finally get a postcard generic response (in an envelope - talk about waste!) and I have kept right on writing.

Glad to hear I am not the only one!