Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dye Day on the Farm

This is Allison (background) my business partner, and Karin (foreground) a knitting and fiber artist who we met through her yarn store.

Karin came over for a Dye Day on the farm to see just what we do to create our sock yarn, and to see the critters and crew.

Here she is dyeing a skein of 52PP custom yarn for our crazy sock KAL.

The 52PP colorway is a three-color, self-striping yarn and here she is dyeing the last color.

Karin is a very talented and artistic woman, I had an excellent time just watching her think through the colors and try variations of the process. She makes silk scarves, so she is no newbie to dyeing, but it is always interesting to watch someone come out of their primary medium into another. Here she is working on the second skein, thinking hard about what she wants to create...

Of course, we should have had critter pictures as well, but we forgot the camera on that part of the tour! But all in all, it was a beautiful day, rounded out with lunch on the porch. Here, some of our finished skeins hang from the front porch to dry:


Karin said...

Thank you, Melanie and Allison, for having me over. I had an absolutely fantastic time!!
The yarn is next in line to be knitted up, right after I figure out how to make an entire sweater in 10 days and when I've wound that 12 foot hank of yarn I dyed...
You guys are the best.

Lauren said...

I'd love to see the yarn closer up. All the different colorways people come up with interest me greatly. Where do you sell it?

I'm looking forward to getting outside and dyeing again myself. Between Pint-sized chores and heat, it is hard to find time for it but the bug has bitten me. I'm ready to overdye some light moorit roving in a camouflage colorway and have been visualizing it in my my mind for weeks if not months.

You're inspiring, my lady, and enabling, too!

melanie said...

If you click on the link that is Karin's name, you will go to her blog, and she has kindly posted pictures of the yarn (much closer, as she is much better with the camera!)
Then you can click on the link to our business and see the sock yarns we dye and sell.
We never run out of colorway ideas...right now we seem to be in a self-striping mode and Allison's most recent inspired idea came from a Chinese Restaurant, so you never know when or how it will hit you...(There is no "off" switch on the genius machine - usually said in jest around us, but hey, there's always possibility...)

I am working on some natural dyes that can be reasonably (although seasonally) produced so we can offer them as well. If not for the website, then at our first fiber festival outing next Fall. I like the solids, and the natural colors are so much mellower than the usual colors we offer with chemical dyes.

I'll post pictures of the most recent dye project later...