Monday, June 25, 2007


Yes, these are "ichi-go". (Japanese for strawberries.) It's that time of year, and my nephew is here from Japan, so off we went to pick some strawberries. Despite the brutal heat, it took less than an hour to pick 8 quarts.

Once back at the farm, the cousins wasted no time in getting cool-water gun fights!

We're starting a week of heat, perfect vegetable growing weather; our job is just to keep everything hydrated.

Oh, yeah. And making jam. That's tomorrow...

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Kathy L. said...

Oh, they look yummy! I am trying a small patch of strawberries up close to the house as the elk ate the 50+ plants I had in a patch near the barn. (Curses! Foiled again!)

How wonderful to have your nephew for a looks like you're all having a great time!

I miss Light'ning bugs. Arizona has no Light'ning bugs...that was my most favorite summer fun as a kid...collecting them in an empty peanut butter jar. (And hiding them in my room so my mom wouldn't find them - which she always did)