Monday, July 22, 2013


Yeah, yeah.....I know how the trap is SUPPOSED to work, but after 2 devastating years with this critter just wreaking havoc on my veggies and my psyche, he/she HAD to go.

Today we finally said our final "goodbyes" to this PITA.



Tombstone Livestock said...

that looks like a busy little beaver, could really destroy a garden in no time.

Miss Effie said...

Oh -- he looks cute there but I'm betting he turned nasty!

Glad to know that he found his "forever" home.

Susan said...

When it's between your food and the rodent, there is little choice. RIP, indeed.

Carolyn said...

Lucky for us, them darned whistle pigs haven't come around our homestead, although I HAVE seen one about a mile up the road occasionally in their yard munching on dandelions.

LindaG said...

Either it or you when it comes to your livelihood.
Probably lots more where it came from, too.
You tried.
*hugs* ♥

Kathy said...

I have to do the same thing here, Mel. In fact, I have started thinking of tacking their little hides to the barn in case their families think of hanging around. ;)
Good onya!