Friday, November 09, 2012

Makin' Bacon

Truthfully, we didn't make the bacon - the processor took care of that part.  But we have a lot of it - and more...the pork is back from the slaughterhouse!
Just one view of our available freezer space (and, yes, I know there is a chicken in the's one of our meat birds from this year) get the idea.

102 pounds represents our half of the pig (we split with another family).  We raised a Tamworth - a very nice heritage breed.  We used 10 bags of organic hog feed during the season, supplemented with family food scraps, organic produce throwaways, apple drops, and lots of organic milk and whey from a local dairy/cheesemaking operation.  We raised this pig to slaughter weight a full month earlier than last year, and I really believe the difference was the dairy.  Lots of colostrum milk from the birthing cows, and in the end we even got old cheese (concentrated proteins and fats!).

Feeling very thankful this day for a full larder!


Susan said...

Oh, lucky you! That is really amazing - 102 for HALF a pig! All.that.bacon....

LindaG said...

I would love to find someone to share the costs of a pig with.

Kim said...

Yum! My mouth is watering, seriously!