Sunday, June 06, 2010


Remember grafting? We tried to graft our heirloom apples; 10 in all - 5 of our favorite variety and 5 of the tree that suffered a serious split in the trunk.

Only one actually took (and I am not a little bit shy about telling you it was one of the ones I did!) and it was of the "favorite" tree. But the split tree seems to be faring pretty well this season, and may yet make it through another winter so I can try again next Spring.

The gloppy, brown, waxy thing on the stem is the site of the graft. Even though the site is still not completed healed over, we are hopeful.

I can deal with 10% success. Totally. And we get to use the root stock again (the 9 that didn't take) again next year. Apparently, they are good for two years before they get too big to be of use. (The top of the root stock and the grafted twig must match in size for the best chance of a graft.)

Keeping fingers crossed!


Grace said...

Fingers crossed for you!

I finally got around to reading the book you sent me "Hit by a Farm" and loved it! Thanks.

Melodie said...

Congrads on a successful graft! One of these days I am going to learn how to do that's on my"list"!

Susan said...

10% is wonderful! Congratulations, you tree-maven, you. It will be so interesting to watch 'your' tree grow.