Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What the...?

Sometimes all you can do is shake your head.
Despite ample nesting boxes, I have hens who insist on packing themselves into this cramped cage used for chick transport that is about 10 inches each side. (How can that be comfortable?)

And after sitting for the better part of an hour yesterday, one of our Ameracaunas produced this:

(Is that like a chicken fart?)

I saw Hattie, my oldest ewe, making funny noises and motions with her mouth as if she were sucking on a sour ball candy, so I went over and held out my hand and opened her mouth.  This fell out:

(Was it hers to start with, or did she pick it up out of the grain feeder?  And if there were tooth fairies for sheep, would this be one dollar, or more?)


bybiddie said...

Man, I'd leave her a fiver for that tooth! One of my Muscovy ducks is wedged into a chicken's nesting box, with her butt up in the air. Cannot be comfortable, but she's determined.


thecrazysheeplady said...

I believe that one would be worth at least a dollar!

Christine said...

LOL, it's always an adventure isn't it?

Kathy said...

I think that's worth alot more than a fiver! Especially since she dropped it right into the Tooth fairy's hand. My, what well-trained sheep you have!

Are her dentures on order?


(And thanks for stopping lambs for us this year, but these winds we've had keep me busy picking up shingles blown off the barn and house. Bummer.)

melanie said...

Kathy - I've wondered about dentures...I mean how many teeth can she have left after THAT??!?

Karin said...

You are killing me with those.
Holy Schmitt.

Karin said...

Uhmm...can you check that sheep's mouth at all and count teeth?

melanie said...

That particular ewe had dental work last year to remove a large tooth that grew so big she couldn't chew...the vet said it was the largest one he had ever seen. She also has dark skin and a dark tongue due to her markings, so it is very dark in there. Add to that my ignorance of ovine dental work, and yeah...a look inside that mouth would be pretty scary...but I do watch her weight and make sure she is eating (she seems to prefer soft grass over hay, and LOVES her treats of raisins, so she is holding her own...)

Kara said...

Okay I saw your comment on Kristi's blog. If she doesn't get a black ramling, I will have to keep my eye on Hester's boy and let you know how he develops. His brother from last year was a half poll with very small scurrs. I hope Kristi gets a full poll for you, it would be so exciting to have one in the state! I am still waffling back and forth on the horned ram thing.

Kara said...

Oh Kristi did have a black ram!

Elysbeth said...

Agh! that's some tooth.

The egg is hilarious - do you think she looked and went "all that work for this?"

melanie said...

Elysbeth - If she didn't...I sure did!

Kara - I am seriously looking at the ramling...I need black in my flock and I can't be worrying about bad horns - I spend enough time worrying about my wether's!