Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Braided Ear Warmer

Here's the "down and dirty details" for those who were asking...

I knit this with a locally produced yarn, and although it came to me natural, I couldn't resist dying it, so into the pot it went with the Avocado dye, and due to the lanolin and nature of the wool - we got the lightness and variagation...

I would say this yarn knit up like a heavy worsted or even Aran weight.  Gauge is not really important (sorry, knitting police) as you are just knitting it long enough to fit around your head, but play with it, that's where the fun is...

Size 8 needles and a cable needle
Less than 100 yards of yarn

CO 23 stitches.  I like to use the German Twisted cast on for almost anything...but you decide.


C2B=hold 2 stitches in back with cable needle
C2F=hold 2 stitches in front with cable needle
KCN=knit off the cable needle

Row 1: (right side)

K3, P1,  [K2, C2B, K2, KCN]  P1, K1, P1,  [K2, C2B, K2, KCN]  P1, K3

Row 2: (wrong side)

P3, K1,  [P6]  K1, P1, K1  [P6] K1, P3

Row 3:

K3, P1  [C2F, K2, KCN, K2]  P1, K1, P1  [C2F, K2, KCN, K2]  P1, K3

Row 4:

P3, K1  [P6]  K1, P1, K1  [P6]  K1, P3

Repeat Rows 1-4 as many times as necessary to fit around the head in question.  Finish with a wrong side row.  Bind off in knit.  Sew ends together.  Viola!  You are warmer for the barn chores, and stylish besides!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

I love ear warmers, which I wear to the exclusion of hats. I will have to give this a try; perfect use for leftovers! Could you end with a three needle bind-off? I've never heard of that cast-on; I'll have to try it, too.

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Another question: does the pattern give this headband a lot of elasticity? Enough that I could knit it with alpaca for someone who can't wear wool?

melanie said...

Amen, sister! Use up those leftovers! I actually did use a three needle bind off ( I prefer them to all other sewing) - but I didn't think of it till after I had started the thing so putting a needle into the original row was a bit of a time I'll do better!

There is a lot of spring to it...I bet the cable would hold the shape of the thing for the alpaca, which has so little memory, and oooh! would it be soft...

clink said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! I need to make one of those for eldest daughter. She would love it!

Michelle -- I think alpaca would work great.