Sunday, September 07, 2008

THAT'S what I get for being lazy...

It's Sunday, and I am desperately trying to cling to a few minutes of blissful inactivity early in the morning...which includes not feeding the cat the very INSTANT my feet hit the kitchen floor...and this is what I get.

The kitty decides to go get breakfast on her own.  She got it in the cellar (God, I hope that's where it came from!)  And she brings it upstairs to show it to me.  Kind of a feline "So, there!"

My usual rodent-catching hero is upstairs, asleep.

I get the bathroom garbage can.   I catch "breakfast" and quickly cover it up with the closest thing on hand.  Any chance of that blissful, lazy moment is gone, because now both kitty and the "breakfast" are sitting there, mocking me.  I can't take "it" outside, because when I remove the cover, I am afraid it will jump up and eat my eyebrows off my face, or run up my leg, or be in reality, a rat.  

I am going upstairs to join my hero, and see if I can subtly entice him into waking up.  For me.  'Cause who wouldn't want to deal with rodents the very first INSTANT their feet hit the floor... (for the one they love?) 


Nancy K. said...

Where IS it??? I biggified the picture and I still can't see it. But what a wonderful post! Your description of the morning's events and retreat to your hero are a delight!

melanie said...

INSIDE the green garbage can! You don't think for a minute I was going to take the "top" off to photograph it, did you? The same issues apply as might if I were to try and get rid of it...(eyebrow-eating, leg-crawling and all...)

Karin said...

If I've said it once...better you than me.

Thanks a million for your comment on my blog the other day. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

Corinne R. said...

LOL! I had no idea that rodents were fond of eating eyebrows! I shall wear a face mask next time one crosses my path!

Kathy said...


In a hose of now eight cats "breakfast" wouldn't have a chance! ;-)