Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Attention, Everyone!

Excuse me!  Can I have your attention?
I have something to tell you all that you should hear:
Michelle is AWESOME!
(For some of you, this is not news, but bear with me...)
She is one of the wonderful people I have met through blogging.  She and I share funny similarities (some we will mention, some are ours to know...)  That is enough to warrant the attention.
(Ahhem. Clear throat)
But several weeks ago, completely unsolicited, she did something very sweet. (Literally!)
When I commented on her blog about the cherries she had been  picking, she packed some up and sent them along!  I was very touched.  (There might have been wee tears of joy, but we're not confirming or denying.)
Now if I were at all artistic, there would be a cool award picture. (I am not.  So you will all have to settle for the next best thing - sheep.)

Shetland Sheep can stand in for a nice award picture any day.  If you do not own some, trust me on this.

P.S. The cherries were accompanied by a deadly cookie recipe, which I was unable to resist and forced to make as soon as they arrived, at which time I realized I was out of regular chocolate chips and had to substitute white chocolate chips in the recipe.  I could tell you that the reason I have not posted all of this news until now is that I was stricken by an uncontrollable urge to eat said cookies right from the oven and burned my mouth on their chocolately cherry goodness.  If I did go with that story, I would not be going to h-e-double toothpicks on THIS day...


Anonymous said...

I used to own Shetlands!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Well shoot! Now I'm going to have to send you another package so you can try the zucchini bread! Trust me, it's even better than the cookies....

melanie said...

Will you be sending larger clothes along with those deadly good cherries?

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Of course -- the ones I've gotten too big for! Ha!

Kathy said...

She did the same thing to me, Melanie! I have been wracking my brain (or what's left of it from summer heat)trying to think of something nice from here to send her. Too bad roasted Hatch chilis won't mail very well as the chili-guys are here from NM roasting chilis on the streets. A sure sign of Fall 'round these parts.