Thursday, January 11, 2007

Lessons from 2006

Well, like the blog title says...It's harder than it looks. Farming, that is. I realize the importance of not downplaying or discounting the important, vital, and sometimes challenging (albeit satisfying) work. But I'd like to share with everyone the lessons I learned this year.

1) Never farm with your mouth open. Flies fly right in - they may be protein, but they don't taste nice. Sheep sneeze - you're going for the cuddle, they're suddenly allergic to attention. Chickens housed up high to protect them from predators wait until you have your mouth open to scratch their cage floor and droppings. You get the idea...

2) Don't put eggs in your pocket. No matter how gentle you swear to be, or how padded you think your pocket is, there's always the goat that jumps up, or something on the ground that needs you to bend over to attend to, or the child that wants a hug. End result = pocket omelets.

3) Fencing is a competitive sport. (see May 2006 post) It doesn't matter whether you look at them to keep something in, or keep something out - the bottom line is "are you successful?". I would say for 2006, it was a draw.

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