Monday, August 21, 2006

Lambs meet Rooster

Angel says, "What's this? Secret, you have something on your butt..."

"What?! Is it a spider? Eeek! Get it off!"

"No, it's not a spider...kind of tiny for a chicken, though..."

"Let me just look under here...I'm sure I can figure this thing out...Yep, it's a rooster..."

"DO YOU MIND??? Honestly...where were you raised? In a barn??!? (sheeesh)"

"What does a rooster have to do for a little green time?" Secret says, "Stay out of our pasture, that's what..."

Monday, August 07, 2006

Pheasants Goodbye...

Well, today was the day to say "goodbye" to the pheasants...we had raised them since chicks as part of a 4-H program. Funny, as ready as they seemed, when it came right down to it, Bill had to literally "shoo" them out of the enclosure.

They finally got the idea, and scattered to the surrounding field, taking off in flight in such a fashion that it seemed they were as amazed with their first attempt at flight, as we were watching them...

Not everyone got it figured out immediately, a few "hangers on" wandered about on goat barn and fence, even strolling across the yard, and hanging out amongst the blueberry bushes.