Sunday, July 16, 2006

Northeast Shetland Sheepbreeders Get Together

Shetland Sheep breeders of the Northeastern United States got together on Saturday for an annual meeting/pot luck/sheep day in Vermont at Maple Ridge Farm. We met under the trees (no, that's not us in the picture...) for the meeting and sharing, then retired to a great pot luck.

Here was the roundup of ewes and lambs we managed from the back pasture in our afternoon lesson/session for markings and colors. We also looking at horn growth, tails, and fleece. Linda's flock has an amazing array of colors and markings.

Everyone helped get the ewes out, so we could examine the lambs and start the weaning process...

Here are the ewes, half-heartedly trudging back to the pasture without their little ones...

Alas, no parting gifts for the "participants"; we all had favorite lambs we could have hidden in our vehicles!

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