Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Guest blogger: Madison - Baby Chicks

These two are named are J.P{left} & Speedy{right}. They are five days apart from birth. They are 3 weeks old. We hatched them in the incubator. It was very hard to wait for them to hatch. J.P has a bad leg injury when he was born, so we treat him carefully. J.P is five days older than Speedy. They are both bantams, and they will not be as big as the normal size adult chicken.


michellepawkett said...

hi madison. what is a bantam? i hope that j.p. is on the mend soon. nice write up!

love, michelle

melanie said...

A bantam is a miniature chicken. Most breeds have them. It is so people can collect and enjoy chickens with a lot less feed and space. Their eggs are to tiny, though.