Thursday, November 17, 2011

Monday, November 14, 2011

Did I tell you the one about the bunny?

Well, it seems nobody is immune from downsizing these days, and that even extends to bunnies. One day a month or more ago, the DH mentioned "a rabbit was ranging with the chickens today", and I (of course) assumed he meant a wild rabbit.

So, imagine my surprise when I glanced out the door to see a brown bunny (definitely NOT the wild bunny shade of brown) hopping around with the chickens. Yeah. That's what every farmer needs (in addition to the cats, dogs and chickens that get dropped off...) - a bunny.

So I scooted it into the garage, added a Have-a-heart trap loaded with apple, and shut the door. Two hours later - viola! Bunny-in-a-box.

This was where my bunny smarts ended. I have NO idea about bunnies, so we called out to the 4-H contingent. (Thank goodness we got an answer!)

My daughter's friend came over and showed us all how to handle the bunny, sex the bunny (a girl), put the bunny in show position, and generally confirmed that the bunny was a very tame, gentle, pet bunny.

Meet Simba. Who now resides in a very bunny-friendly home. (Unlike her former home where the human idiots decided it was humane to let a tame bunny "go wild" at our place.)

And apparently, when you show a 4-H rabbit, this is exactly what you do to convince the judge you know your way around a bunny and are deserving of a ribbon. (Who knew?)

Simba did.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coloring outside the lines

So it appears my Leonidas is more of a Jackson Pollock, than a Michelangelo...
But, ...count the days with me...that's right! Easter lambs!

(There must be an app for that already...)